Ultimate Escape Day Spa

Massage Theraphy

Our signature massage that incorporates a variety of modalities and techniques such as; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Himalayan Salt Stones, Hot Stones or Cupping

$100 - $135

Warm bamboo sticks and well-trained therapist’s hands are used to melt deeper into your muscles with firm Swedish and/or Deep-Tissue techniques

$65 - $140

The "ultimate" foot massage! Give your feet the most therapeutic and relaxing treatment ever with a combination of Swedish, reflexology and hot stone therapies


Massage Theraphy - Add-Ons

Cupping is an ancient art developed with the purpose of draining toxins, loosening adhesions, lifting connective tissue and bringing blood flow to the skin and muscles


Enhance your full body Swedish massage. During your session, trade out 10 minutes of Swedish style massage for either Hot Stones, Deep Tissue, or Cupping on a target area.


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