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Have one of our highly trained estheticians teach you about our Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Line and color match your skin to find your perfect foundation color



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Have one of our highly trained estheticians apply our Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup for your special occasion, Wedding, Prom, Anniversary, Birthday, etc. Look glamorous on your special day!



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Spray Tanning



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What to expect from an Ultimate Escape Spray Tan?

We use Sjolie luxury tanning solution because it is PETA & Vegan certified and paraben free. Sjolie is committed to providing the highest quality products available in the industry by being a part of every facet of product creation from their agriculturists all the way to their development and design.

To get the best results:

You may shave up until the day before your appointment but DO NOT SHAVE THE DAY OF YOUR SPRAY TAN.

Do not use any body lotions, creams, or deodorant the day of your spray tan.

Wear dark, loose fitting clothing to your spray tan.

How soon will I see the tanning result?

You will receive an all natural sun-kissed tan that will continue to develop and become darker over the next 6 to 8 hours.

How long will my tan last?
You can expect your tan to last for about 7 to 10 days depending upon your skin type, preparation and maintenance. Regular moisturizing will extend the life of the tan.

Will I turn yellow or orange?

No, Our tanning solutions do not contain the chemicals and dyes that other tanning products contain which create an orange tinted tan.

How is the spray tan applied?

Our luxury tanning solution is custom blended specifically for each tanning client. Then it is professionally sprayed on in a private room by a licensed technician in about 10 to 20 minutes.

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