Ultimate Escape Day Spa


Give your skin a healthy new glow with our full-body exfoliating salt scrub. This fully customizable body scrub is a dual exfoliation using both dry brushing techniques and the exfoliation of the body salt scrub. Choose between the more mild exfoliation of Himalayan salts or a more coarse exfoliation with Dead Sea Salts.  You also get to choose your essential oil between Lavender, Chamomile, Orange, or Peppermint.  This treatment will invigorate, cleanse and purify your body as well as infuse it with a variety of trace minerals. While also helping your skin to regain its natural moisture balance and silky smoothness. Your skin is indulged in luxurious essential oils, jojoba, and soothing coconut during this service!

  • Dead Sea Salt Glow- 45 min.   $105
  • Himalayan Salt Glow  45 min.  $105
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